Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cookbook Stores

The Basic Cookbook, by Marjori... Digital ID: 490212. New York Public Library

According to a short piece in Publisher's Weekly, two new cookbook stores have opened on the East Coast. In Boston, chef Barbara Lynch has opened Stir, which features titles in cookery, wine, culinary history and food science. In addition to the bookstore, Stir also offers classes in their demonstration kitchen. Some of the September class listings include: Oysters and Wine, and the Cocktail Meets Plum.

In Portland, Maine, Don Lindgren and Samantha Hoyt Lindgren have opened Rabelais. The store features a wide variety of culinary texts including rare and out-of-print works, new cookbooks, and prints and photographs. Don was a rare book dealer for many years, and his wife Samantha worked as a photo editor and pastry chef in New York and Maine. Their website features detailed book listings and a wonderful blog.

In New York, Kitchen Arts and Letters reigns supreme. They have everything from brand new releases, to foreign titles and esoteric works. You won't be able to leave without buying something. And if buying is not your thing, there is always the Library....

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