Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I could drink a case of you

I know next to nothing about wine, except that I like to drink it.

In an effort to increase my knowledge, I followed the advice of New York Times wine columnist Eric Asimov: drink more of it. In his blog The Pour, Asimov suggested that those who are interested in learning more about wine should go to good wine shop, speak to a knowledgeable salesperson, and have the store create a mixed case based on a set price limit. Asimov threw out $250 as a fine amount to spend for the price of an oenophilic education.

But that all takes effort. I have a couple of wine stores in my neighborhood whose selection seems well and good, but to go in, speak to someone about a mixed case, and choose a price point? I'm exhausted already.

Then one day I met a restaurant manager/wine guy. I asked him what his favorite wine store in New York was. Without hesitation he said, "Chamber Street Wines." Check one.

I went to the Chamber Street Wines website where I found a section called "$150 & $250 Cases." Check two.

In that mixed case section, not only can you choose among the two price points, but you can also choose a red-only, white-only, or mixed case. Oh, and tax is included. Check please!

I bought a red-only, $150 case, and eagerly brought it back home. I split the cost with my brothers who are the most frequent dinner guests around my table, and together we've been testing out our favorites among the bunch. It's probably the best money I've spent in a while, because not only does it allow me to drink lovely wines I've never heard of before, but it's all in the name of education.

I still don't know much about varietals, regions, or grapes, but I'm learning fairly quickly about what I do and don't like. So, while I'm still no Jancis Robinson, just give me some time.


Unknown said...

When's the next study session?

And I still owe your for my share, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

And I, too.

That 2007 Cuma Cabernet Sauvignon was just about worth the entire price on its own.

SDC said...

Don't be a snoot. Try wine from such historically hardscrabble-wine regions as New York and Michigan.


Anonymous said...

SDC: how is rebecca being a snoot? The entire post is about how UNsnooty she is with an open admission that she knows very little about wine and is trying to learn by tasting. My guess is that the case includes a variety of regions, perhaps including several more "hardscrabble."