Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Updated App: Duck BLTs

A couple of weeks ago, at a birthday/dinner party for our friend Johnny, my friend Kyung served the best kind of appetizer one could give to a group of peckish, gab-happy adults: BLTs.

But these weren’t just any BLTs -- they were dressed up and suited BLTs.

Toasted Pepperidge Farm white was still present, but duck bacon took the place of regular bacon, a squirt of Sriracha in a near-empty Hellman’s jar spiced up the mayo, and lightly dressed arugula (with white truffle oil) stood in for both lettuce and tomatoes.

Cut into small triangles and piled high on a plate in front of a group of hungry adults (and their kids), these BLTs disappeared in a flash.

They’re not revelatory. They’re just BLTs, but the combination of nostalgia, simplicity, and a little spicy difference, can transport them off of the lunch counter and into a dinner party.

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