Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the Menu: Ye Waverly Inn

Before the cozy little restaurant on the corner of Bank and Waverly Streets became The Waverly Inn (the eatery Frank Bruni described as "a Stork Club without the plumage" ), it was more quaintly known as Ye Waverly Inn, and this is the menu from 1964.

As the mimeographed bill of fare is hard to read, allow me to list some highlights: turkey with giblet gravy, potted meatballs, tuna salad with potato chips, marble layer cake, and Hawaiian chicken over rice and Chinese noodles.

With dishes like these, I think a 1960s throwback dinner is in order. Graydon Carter, are you listening?

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Jib said...

I love these old menu books! Keep up the great research- a lot of these texts would be lost in the library forever!