Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Kitchens of Brooklyn

In the late 1970s, photographer Dinanda H. Nooney took photographs of nearly 200 Brooklyn-ites in their homes. The result is At Home in Brooklyn: The Nooney Brooklyn Photographs, 1978-1979, selections of which are viewable on the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery. The series is organized by neighborhood, from Bay Ridge to Prospect Heights, and while each photograph is fascinating, I found the kitchen photographs to be especially compelling. For more information about the location and subjects, click on the image.

Violet <span class=

Diane <span class=

Howard & Connie <span class=

Apartment of <span class=

Beverly <span class=

Wilma Jeff. 724 Eastern <span class=

John & Beatrice <span class=

Rosie <span class=

Sonya Freedman. 2219 Quentin R... Digital ID: 1563782. New York Public Library

Dennis & Jackie Canning. 57 S.... Digital ID: 1563906. New York Public Library

Cornelius & Kathleen Walsh. 30... Digital ID: 1563859. New York Public Library

Marie <span class=

Larry <span class=


Janet said...

Wow, hours of fun! Great post, thanks!

Justine Heilner said...

Fascinating! Thanks!

Andy said...

Oven in the fireplace? I can't decide if that's brilliant or a shame.

Farmgirl Susan said...

What a great collection of photos!

Erik R said...

Do you know if there was a book or monograph published of this work?

Rebecca Federman said...

Hi Erik, As far as I know, there is no book of these images. You can find the Library's catalog record of the prints here: http://catalog.nypl.org/record=b16736557~S1