Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Founded on Oyster Shells

This Saturday, February 21st, the New Amsterdam Market - whose goal is to provide a public market promoting regional agriculture - is hosting a fundraiser called Founded on Oyster Shells at the f/ocus Rental Gallery in Manhattan. The event, which costs from $50 - $100, will feature various types of East Coast oysters (including Blue Points which are ubiquitous on every 19th century restaurant menu), in addition to local beer, bread, butter, chowder, baked beans, pickles and seltzer.

The menu is reminiscent of 19th and early-20th century oyster bars and parlors, where oysters were often slurped up, and chased down, with a cold lager beer.

The fundraiser is also auctioning off over two dozen prizes, from sharing a meal with Alice Waters at the restaurant of her choosing, to having mixologist Allen Katz mix drinks at a cocktail party for you and twelve of your guests, to inviting Jacob Dickson to cater a pig roast at your home, to enjoying lunch and a tour of Stone Barns for two adults. Check out all the options on their auction site.

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! I wish we could be there to participate in the fun.

Oysters, a beer and camaraderie will be had by many. Congratulations on your endeavor.