Monday, July 16, 2007

American Food Writing

Boston Cooking School Magazine Digital ID: 1259205. New York Public Library
In this week's New York Times Book Review, Roy Blount Jr. wrote a glowing review of American Food Writing: an Anthology with Classic Recipes edited by Molly O'Neill. The book includes excerpts from seminal cookbooks and food writers, including Charles Ranhofer and Lydia Marie Child, but also includes writings from those not usually associated with cookery, such as Nathaniel Hawthorne and Langston Hughes. The book has not yet arrived in the branches, but it is available on the open shelves of the Rose Main Reading Room in the culinary section.

Peach Leather
from Annabella P. Hill's Mrs. Hill's New Cook Book

Peel very ripe, soft peaches; mash them fine, and strain through a colander. If the peaches are not very sweet, add a little sugar. Butter well panes of glass, and spread the paste smoothly upon them. Put in the sun to dry; when dry on one side, turn it, and when perfectly dry, roll and keep in boxes. When not convenient to use the glass, butter strips of cloth, and spread upon well-seasoned boards.