Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Babbo's Recipe Archive

Years ago I had the pleasure of dining at Babbo. It was a lovely meal with great food, wonderful friends, and delicious wine.

I haven't been back.

Not that I would refuse an invitation, it's just if I want a Mario Batali-restaurant experience, I find that Lupa serves those needs just fine. Lupa is just as delicious, easier to get into, and less expensive.

But that doesn't mean I never want a bit of Batali's Babbo in my belly. For that I turn to the Babbo website.

Granted, the website is a bit...cluttered, but the site is a treasure-trove of wonderful culinary information, from travel advice, to an ingredient-of-the-month, to other restaurants worth trying, and finally to the restaurant's archive of recipes.

Yes. Archive. A librarian's dream.

Babbo's recipe archive is exhaustive and addictive. A few weeks ago, I made their Black Spaghetti with Rock Shrimp and Spicy Soppressetta. I go weak for squid ink pasta, and the simplicity and uniqueness of the dish really got my attention. While the jalapeno salsa nearly burned my eyes out (3 cups of jalapenos?), the dish was predictably spicy, and wonderfully flavorful.

So rather than rely exclusively on Epicurious or Food TV for your online recipes, head over to Babbo.com, and order off the menu.

What other restaurants do you know of that post their recipes? I'd love to hear about them!


Joey said...

Thanks for the Babbo tip. Until I can scrounge up the cash to dine at this fine restaurant, I can hit the archive!

p.s. I absolutely adore your blog!

ParisBAO said...

Amazing find. I love that most of the pasta dishes come with their own homemade pasta recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Becky and the Beanstock said...

What a wonderful revelation! Thanks so much for this. I found my way to you via Lisa is Cooking -- glad to know about your site. And this resource!

Rumela said...

I like this recipe. these pasta dishes are sure to taste great and are extremely nutritious as well. I am going to make it for the holidays when my kids will be at home. I'll be sure that what they are eating is healthy. thank you for shearing your post.