Friday, July 25, 2008

Horseradish Vodka

Summer cocktails tend to be sweet: rum punch, margaritas, caparinhas, mojitos. So when your mouth is screaming for some raw and definitely not sweet flavor, consider simplifying your cocktail routine with horseradish vodka.

A few years ago some friends gave my boyfriend and me a bottle of homemade horseradish vodka as a housewarming present. That bottle was enjoyed immediately and often and by nearly everyone who came over.

That first bottle is long gone. So now we make our own. We buy raw horseradish, cut it up, stick it in a bottle with the vodka and keep it in the freezer.

I still enjoy a minty, sweet drink littered with fruit remnants all summer long, but a shot of this vodka - slightly viscous, shockingly clean, and amazingly pungent - is yet another delicious drink option to enjoy this summer.

Most of the Library's books on vodka are in Russian, but there are a few books in English that I know have proved helpful to some readers. We also have quite an extensive collection of books on the history of the cocktail which might also be worth a look through.


Anonymous said...

I've tried this stuff. It's incredible.

And horseradish is just one of the many delicious flavors to add to a good vodka. Screw Absolut: the wired how-to wiki has an article on the approach for some other flavors:

Double Down Saloon in the East Village (on A just above Houston) has a house bacon infused vodka. Requires straining through a coffee filter. Do not want.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting combination!

Anonymous said...

Funny - i am a HUGE bloody mary fan and this sounds like the perfect way to make a bloody..

Chris V.

Anonymous said...

Even funnier, I was going to make a comment about how horseradish infused vodka makes the best Bloody Marys. Absolutely worth the (minimal) effort.